I desire to better understand and learn the workflows/ins/outs of network/cable TV shows and/or feature films. I have worked multiple times in both arenas and am seeking the right opportunities to continue expanding my knowledge base. I have worked as both a creative producer and line producer and am flexible to go wherever needed to continue honing my skill set as a producer.


I was born in Japan and traveled the world as a military brat until the age of 15 when my family returned to the US. Having been exposed to a number of different cultures at such an early age, I became fascinated with hearing people tell their stories which ultimately led me to want to help others share their stories with audiences.


My inner-knowing/truth is that my passion and purpose is to produce. It excites me when people tell me they would NEVER want my job! It affirms for me that I am totally in my lane.


My other passion is helping kids get the best start in life through my non-profit organization called, “Engage The Vision.” Every Friday during the school year, myself along with a host of friends and other industry professionals go to Martin Luther King Elementary School in South Central LA to mentor young boys of color and equip them with the skills necessary to excel in life and become successful future leaders. To learn more about Engage The Vision (ETV), please visit:


I am open to all genres. However, I do prefer sit-coms and drama that are predominately African-American or multi-ethnic casts (i.e. Blackish, Scandal, American Crime, etc.) I am also very open to studio and indie feature films.